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We have over a decade of experience deploying software solutions for businesses and enterprises. We use up-to-date frameworks and state-of-the-art technology. We work with you directly - no outsourcing.

Our Solutions

Find out more about solutions that Grapevine has delivered. We're ready to help you understand and improve your technology practice, like we did for the industries below.

Security & Concierge

We made it easier to get reliable reports from security staff by deploying a cloud-based native mobile app to gather rich data in the field.

Fire & Life Safety

We built a cross-platform mobile app to enable rapid access to fire and life safety information.

Pharma & Healthcare

We deployed a microsite to reduce planning costs for conferences and seminars.

Tools for Success

Upgrade your business with our tools for delivering successful technology solutions.

Websites, Apps, and Front Ends

Make big statements and drive to impact with a high quality, responsive experience.

Cloud, AI, and Big Data

Infinitely scale your solutions, and discover value with the latest LLM and AI technology.

Agile Methodologies

Stay in control and focus on building what matters to you.

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